We list NZU products for spot and forward trading

  • Low Barriers to Entry - Open and transparent market access arrangements.
  • Access to big and small participants - We enable trading of a single NZU.
  • Central Counterparty Settlement - emsTradepoint is the central counterparty to all trades, with full-cycle anonymity, easier credit risk management and provides operational efficiencies for your NZU trading activity.
  • Extended Market Hours - Our marketplace provides the largest trading window for NZUs, open for trade 8am-8pm, 7 days a week.

Our Products

Spot NZU

These products are for reactive trading. Our spot market allows you to trade carbon today, with end-to-end settlement taking place 2 Business Days after the trade day. Our spot market is split between 2 products:


  • An open product allowing trades of any size, from 1 NZU and beyond! This is designed for those who want to trade smaller lots, or may have requirements for a bespoke transaction.


  • A product for trading in lots of 1,000 NZUs. This is designed for larger or less specific transactions.

Forward Market

This is the market to trade for set dates ahead of time.


  • Our forward carbon products enable trading for delivery on specific forward dates. The dates are listed under the CP-NZU(F) product. This product may be traded at any time up to and including the last day of the month the product is listed as, with end-to-end settlement taking place 2 Business Days later. This product can be traded in lots of 1,000 NZUs.

Off-Exchange Trading

Our Off-Exchange service facilitates over-the-counter (OTC) deals between two Participants or brokers. This allows OTC deals to be settled using the emsTradepoint settlement mechanisms so traders and brokers can negotiate directly and benefit from the protection offered by standardised physical and financial settlement rules and central counterparty clearing.

Off-Exchange Trading will also enable participants to Trade Day Ahead by manually inputting a specific delivery date when entering the order. This Day Ahead functionality allows forward trades to be placed ahead of delivery date.

Partial Trade Fulfilment

One of the features we have designed for those with large NZU needs is automatic partial fulfilment. This makes buying or selling large parcels hands-free by matching a large order to multiple matching smaller orders. There is no need to list multiple parcel sizes and then end up settling with multiple parties; we look after that for you.