emsTradepoint privacy policy covers the collection, use, disclosure, quality, security, access and correction of information that personally identifies an individual ("Personal Information"). This Policy Statement applies to all Personal Information that emsTradepoint may collect, use and disclose, whether that information is manually or digitally processed.

What Personal Information does emsTradepoint hold?

Generally, emsTradepoint only keeps a record of Personal Information such as names, addresses, contact numbers, occupations, email addresses, bank account details and any other information provided to it. This applies to face-to-face correspondence, telephone correspondence and email communication from emsTradepoint.

All information collected is required and used for emsTradepoint's correspondence, account management and billing purposes only.

emsTradepoint does not actively seek to collect sensitive information.

Collecting, Using and Disclosing Personal Information

In the course of providing its products and services, emsTradepoint collects Personal Information from clients, subscribers, recipients of information and third parties, regarding their enquiry.

emsTradepoint only uses Personal Information to format and/or transmit the content of the messages that clients, subscribers, recipients of information and third parties receive via our services.

Any Personal Information collected by emsTradepoint directly is only provided to the subscriber.

During the course of contact with emsTradepoint, we will use your Personal Information only to respond to your enquiry, or otherwise as required by law.

emsTradepoint does not disclose Personal Information that it holds about Subscribers or Recipients to third parties without their consent, unless otherwise required by law.

emsTradepoint respects the privacy of users visiting our website and does not share any personally identifiable information with any third parties.

Data Integrity

emsTradepoint only uses Personal Information necessary to perform the Services requested. emsTradepoint only stores Personal Information when specifically requested to do so by the Subscriber, or as part of standard back-up/archiving process. All archived files are stored in a secure facility.

Data Security

emsTradepoint utilises reasonable and appropriate protections to ensure that Personal Information in its care is not misused or lost or accessed without proper authorisation. Access to Personal Information stored on emsTradepoint servers is restricted to those employees or contractors who require such access to perform a legitimate business purpose relating to the Services, maintenance, internal security or other related issues.

All emsTradepoint employees and contractors, as a prerequisite for employment, are required to sign a strict and detailed confidentiality agreement in relation to the Personal Information that they will have access to.

Correction of Personal Information

emsTradepoint takes reasonable steps to ensure that all Personal Information that it holds is accurate, complete and up to date. Subscribers and other individuals should notify emsTradepoint if there are any changes to their Personal Information, or if any Personal Information that we hold about them is incorrect or out of date.

Access to Personal Information

Subscribers and other individuals can request access at any time to Personal Information which emsTradepoint holds about them, provided appropriate identification is made available.


Individuals seeking to remove themselves from communications sent via the emsTradepoint mailing lists should follow the instructions found within the sent message.

Review of Compliance

emsTradepoint may review its Privacy Policy and may amend this Privacy Policy Statement from time to time.

Contact Details

If you have any enquiries, concerns or complaints relating to this Privacy Policy or practices, or you wish to request access to any of the Personal Information emsTradepoint holds about you, please contact emsTradepoint on +64 (0) 4590 6692 or via the Contact Us page.