Are you looking for a way to access the New Zealand carbon market?
Are you already trading NZUs but want another option?

Join New Zealand's fastest growing carbon trading community. Our trading platform is open to anyone who has a New Zealand Emissions Trading Register account, and includes:

  • foresters
  • ahu whenua Māori trusts
  • emitters
  • industrial processors
  • landfill operators
  • carbon storage facilities
  • forestry aggregators
  • institutional investors
  • speculators

To join our carbon trading community, simply complete the appropriate Onboarding Pack and send to

Note that if you want to trade NZUs, then you must have an account on the Emissions Trading Register.

The onboarding packs include:

  • A Participant Agreement to our Core and Carbon Supplement Market Rules
  • A KYC Pack (either for an individual or an organisation)
  • A User Registration Form for each person who you want to access the exchange.

Bank Account and GST for sellers

Send us a bank deposit slip and gst number (if applicable) so we can set you up in our settlement system and pay you directly when you sell.

Prudential assurance for buyers

  • If you intend to buy NZUs then you must satisfy our prudential assurance requirements. This can be a company credit rating, bank guarantee or an emsTradepoint credit assessment based on your company’s financial accounts.
  • Small trading participants who intend to purchase less than $50,000 can request a third-party credit check via emsTradepoint.

Once you have satisfied all the requirements above send all documentation to and we can get you set up for trading!

Participant types

We have two types of Participant: Full Trading and View Only

Participants will only be able to view and trade the products (NGP and/or NZU) they are registered for.


Full trading

Trade with bidding and/or offering trading rights View and trade against live emsTradepoint trading boards View, download and analyse real-time forward and historic market data Access all market information, including weekly Market Wrap reports.


View Only

Access live emsTradepoint order boards (view-only) View, download and analyse real-time forward and historic market data Access all market information, including the weekly Market Wrap reports View-Only Participants incur an annual subscription fee.


Fees for all Participant types are set out in the emsTradepoint Market Rules. Fees are set out in the Market Rules Product Supplement for Carbon.

emsTradepoint NZU Fee Table

Training - Need a hand getting started?

We're always happy to provide training for new participants. We have some resources that can help you too, if you'd rather get started by yourself.

Access our online training videos here.

Contact us now to request any additional information – or we'll come and discuss the details with you.

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