Who owns emsTradepoint?

emsTradepoint Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Transpower New Zealand Limited.

What products does emsTradepoint offer for trading and settlement?

emsTradepoint's current product suite consists of Natural Gas (Physical) products. emsTradepoint is always evaluating opportunities to branch into new products in gas and other commodity groups.

What does emsTradepoint charge for its services?

emsTradepoint charges an annual access fee and volumetric transaction fees. View the current fee table in our Market Rules.

How are customers notified of product changes or additions?

New product announcements will be published on our website. All Participants will also be notified directly. The Market Rules contain all relevant information about emsTradepoint products. Amendments to the Market Rules will be made available for Participants before the effective date.

Is emsTradepoint a regulated exchange and clearinghouse?

No. The financial product exchange and clearing regulatory regime does not apply to emsTradepoint. The emsTradepoint market is for trading in commodities for physical delivery, not for trading in financial products.

Where can I find the emsTradepoint Participant Agreement and Market Rules?

Download the Market Rules here, and contact us for information on becoming a participant.

Or contact us directly to request a copy.

Who can I call if I have questions or problems with emsTradepoint services?

Contact the emsTradepoint Support Desk on +64 4 590 6692 or email supportdesk@emstradepoint.co.nz.

How can I get emsTradepoint market data?

If you are a Participant, emsTradepoint data is available from the emsTradepoint Exchange Platform which provides real-time and end of day market data. emsTradepoint also publishes delayed market data on the our website dashboard. For more information on our market data, please contact us.

How can I become a Participant?

The emsTradepoint Participant Agreement and Market Rules outline the terms and conditions for becoming a Participant.

Find out how to become a Participant here.

Contact us for more information.

Do trades need to be physically backed?

Yes. Any company that wants to trade physical natural gas volumes on emsTradepoint must schedule/nominate the transactions to the applicable delivery point(s), or hold an agreement with a third-party Participant to achieve this.

How is physical delivery monitored and verified?

Participants must nominate trades to/from the applicable emsTradepoint Welded Point. If there is a discrepancy between the Participant’s nominations and their traded quantity on a day, the Participant will be deemed to have Positive or Negative (as the case may be) Imbalance under the Market Rules. The emsTradepoint Market Compliance Committee monitors performance of Participants, and takes action as necessary.