We made changes to our market rules when we introduced carbon product listings.

We have a set of Core Rules, which contains the rules that are applicable to all products, and separate Product Supplements, which contain rules specific to the particular products covered by the Product Supplement. The Product Supplements relate to our current New Zealand natural gas and carbon products.

This version 8 of the Market Rules is now in effect, as of 17 March 2020.

Our Participants

Participants trading the NGP-TRS product on the emsTradepoint market sit throughout the Natural Gas supply-chain, including:

  • producers
  • electricity generators
  • retailers and wholesalers
  • industrial and commercial users
  • transmission pipeline operators.

Brokers also play an important role in facilitating trade.

To become a Participant and begin trading, parties must:
  • sign the emsTradepoint Participant Agreement
  • demonstrate a valid Transmission Services Agreement (signed with First Gas)
  • provide collateral in the form of a Bank Guarantee, or other approved format (Bidding Participants only).

View-only Participants are only required to sign the emsTradepoint Participant Agreement.

Participant Map

Participant types

Three participant types are available.

The difference between Full and Small Trading Participants is in the fee structure. The current break-even point to warrant a Full Trading subscription is 500 TJ per annum.

*Participants will only be able to trade or view the products (NGP) according to their Participant agreement or agreements.


Full trading & small trading Participants

Trade with bidding and/or offering trading rights View and trade against live emsTradepoint trading boards View, download and analyse real-time forward and historic market data Access all market information, including weekly Market Wrap Reports.


View-Only Participants

Access live emsTradepoint order boards (view-only) View, download and analyse real-time forward and historic market data Access all market information, including the weekly Market Wrap reports View-Only Participants incur an annual subscription fee.

Alternative arrangements

Any company that wants to trade physical natural gas volumes on emsTradepoint must hold an agreement which enables the scheduling of their trade quantities to the applicable delivery point(s) – a Maui Transmission Services Agreement.

emsTradepoint may accept alternative arrangements that achieve the same end. The Physical Delivery Agent Agreement, where a third party acts as a shipper on behalf of a participant, is an example of this.


Our fees for both view-only and trading participants are set out in Schedule 5 of the emsTradepoint Market Rules.

Training resources

We're always happy to provide training on how to use our platform, just contact us.

Participant List

  • Ballance Agri-Nutrients Limited*
  • Cheal Petroleum Limited
  • Contact Energy Limited
  • Electricity Authority*
  • Energy Link Limited*
  • Enerlytica*
  • ENGIE Global Markets*
  • First Gas Limited
  • Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited*
  • Gas Industry Company Limited*
  • Genesis Energy Limited
  • Gourmet Paprika Limited
  • Greymouth Gas New Zealand Limited
  • Haast Energy Trading Limited*
  • Hale & Twomey Limited*
  • Mercury NZ Limited
  • Meridian Energy Limited*
  • Methanex New Zealand Limited
  • New Zealand Steel
  • Nova Energy Limited
  • Oji Fibre Solutions
  • OMV New Zealand Limited
  • Pan Pac Forest Products Limited
  • Papakura Power Limited
  • Smart Power Limited*
  • Southern Paprika Limited
  • Vector Gas Trading Limited
  • Visy Glass Operations (NZ) Limited

*View only participant

Inquire about becoming a participant