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Market Performance

  • Traded volume on the spot market remained strong, with similar levels of activity as seen the previous week. Increase of 5% to 199 TJ.
  • Delivered volume dropped 10% to 199 TJ.
  • This increase in demand on the spot market has caused a price increase of 10% to $9.20.
  • Despite the reduced flow between the North and South Island HVDC link, gas as a portion of the electricity generation mix last week fell by 21% to 9.3%.
  • The HVDC maintenance work has caused large price discrepancies between the North Island and South Island average electricity prices, which have fallen to $72.80/MWh and $22.27/MWh respectively.
  • Hydro levels remain above the average for the time of year, increasing again in the last week to 130% of the average for the time of year.
  • Prices for spot NZUs increased significantly during December but has dropped to lower levels during the last 2 weeks currently at $27.80, the surrender obligation included in our gas price is $1.50 ($/GJ).

emsTradepoint May 14, 2020, 12:05 p.m.