On-the-Day Market

The market for reactive trading

  • The On-the-Day (OTD) market allows Participants to trade gas for delivery on the same day as the Delivery Period
  • Designed for intra-day primary and secondary balancing, and reactive trading to manage events such as unplanned outages
  • Participants have instant access to short-term gas across the North Island gas transmission network

Day-Ahead Market

The market for proactive trading

  • The Day-Ahead (DA) market allows Participants to trade gas up to 24 months in advance of the Delivery Period
  • Single and bulk orders can be entered for easy order management
  • Instant access to the market via the emsTradepoint Exchange Platform

 Market hours are compatible with the nomination regime on the Maui pipeline.


Products NGP-TRS (D) / (W) / (M)
Opening hours 09:00 - 17:30, 7 days a week
Delivery period (OTD) Remaining hours of the Day of Trade
Delivery period (DA) Day / Week / Month
System emsTradepoint Exchange Platform
Counterparty for all trades emsTradepoint Limited
Delivery responsibility Relevant Network Code
Minimum order 1 GJ
Minimum tick 0.01/GJ