emsTradepoint is a physical natural gas exchange providing electronic trading, central counterparty settlement and market information.

We list physical natural gas contracts for delivery at the Trading Region South Hub on the Maui pipeline [NGP-TRS]. Through NGP-TRS to trade gas intraday or for future delivery at the hub that is at the centre of the New Zealand gas transmission network.

Value Proposition:

  • Low Barriers to Entry: Open and transparent market access arrangements

  • Central Counterparty Settlement: emsTradepoint is the central counterparty to all trades, providing full cycle anonymity, easier credit risk management and operational efficiencies

  • 7 days a week: Open for trade 7 days a week

  • Proactive and reactive markets: Two markets are currently offered; On-The-Day for deliveries on the same day as trade, and Day-Ahead for future deliveries up to 24 months forward

  • Standardised Physical Delivery Arrangements: Physical delivery is satisfied under the standard open access codes

  • Transactional Technology: emsTradepoint products are available for trade through the Exchange Platform – a modern, secure and reliable trading platform

  • Mobile: emsTradepoint's mobile application allows you to monitor the market from anywhere. Download it now from the App Store and Google Play.