Brokers fill an important role in the market. They are able to negotiate OTC deals between Participants and submit them for settlement as Off-Market trades. This type of trade can create significant value for Participants and follows emsTradepoint's verification procedures whilst maintaining all benefits of central counterparty clearing and settlement, including anonymity. 

Accredited Brokers

In 2018 we made some changes to our broker agreements that allow Accredited Brokers to (among other things) place orders on behalf of their clients where they have received explicit permission from their clients. All existing features of the exchange such as anonymity and the central-counter-party model etc remain the same.




 ICAP Energy is an innovative leader in the New Zealand & Australian gas and electricity markets, providing full-service and over-the-counter broking and advisory capabilities to a broad spectrum of businesses. ICAP Energy offers real-time price discovery and execution services.

ICAP Energy was voted 2015 Overall Energy Broker for ten consecutive years as well as winning individual categories in Natural Gas and Precious Metals. We have offices in Wellington, Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne and have been operating for over 30 years.

Contact: Alan Mitchell


Phone: +612 9777 0842



OMF Logo

OMF is a member of the NZX and an active institutional and wholesale broker in the New Zealand & Australian Power markets. They are also New Zealand’s leading intermediary in the carbon market having operated in that market since the inception of the ETS in 2008. They have offices in Auckland, Wellington & Sydney and have been in operation since 1987.

 In April 2018 OMF became the first emsTradepoint Accredited Broker.

Contact: Nigel Brunel


Phone: +64 9 523 1166


For more information on Authorised Brokers, please contact the Support Desk.

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