Market Consultation

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Market Rules Consultations:

Marked-up versions of previous Market Rules can be found in the archive section. Proposed changes to the Market Rules are published for consultation to participants and are also discussed at Operational Working Group meetings. 

Previous Consultations (General):

Indices Calculations Methodology 24/11/2016

Master Options Agreement 05/07/16: Introduction of Options Contracts [PDF, 178 KB]

Nomination time policy 27/10/15: ID Nominations Consultation [PDF, 76 KB]

Trading Hours 12/08/15: Trading Hours Consultation (ID Cycles) [PDF, 135 KB] 

Maui Hub 15/05/15: Maui Hub Implementation Paper [PDF, 192 KB]

Market Rules v5.0 25/07/14: Contract Window & Collateral Consultation  [PDF, 227 KB]

Trading Hours 16/07/14: Trading Hours Consultation Paper [PDF, 227 KB]

Strip Products (incl. FM) May-14: Monthly Strip Product Consultation Paper [PDF, 451 KB]