emsTradepoint is committed to serving as an advocate for the interests of a better market in the sense of facilitating trade and price transparency for the benefit of all participants.

So that we can best present our views on existing and proposed rules and regulations, emsTradepoint consults together with the industry to determine positions on public policy, legislation and strategies.

We place particular focus on proposals which increase fairness, efficiency and transparency across all markets.

Papers from emsTradepoint are made available to Participants and the public on an ad hoc basis. Parties are also encouraged to put forward material for emsTradepoint’s consideration at any time. 

Advocacy Papers:

Transmission Pipeline Balancing: International Benchmarking and Good Practices, published February 2014

Industry Submissions:

Design Options - MPOC Authorised Quantity product

150424 emsTradepoint Submission to the GIC_AQ [PDF, 344 KB]

Market Based Balancing MPOC Change Request

27/03/15 emsTradepoint Submission on Draft Recommendation [PDF, 340 KB]

12/01/15 emsTradepoint Cross-Submission [PDF, 645 KB]

12/01/15 emsTradepoint Cross-Submission Workbook Model [XLSX, 863 KB]

24/11/14 emsTradepoint Submission to the GIC [PDF, 647 KB]

15/09/14 emsTradepoint Submission to MDL [PDF, 2.5 MB]

The Gas Industry Transmission Access Working Group: Congestion Management

29/08/14 emsTradepoint Congestion Management Response [PDF, 3.8 MB]

MBIE Gas Disruption Study

31/07/14 emsTradepoint Letter to MBIE [PDF, 1.4 MB]