Effective governance is central to emsTradepoint's operation as a reliable and efficient exchange. We work proactively, both to maintain market compliance and to capture and represent the views of our Participants.

Market Compliance Committee

The Market Compliance Committee supports emsTradepoint in monitoring and fostering compliance with the emsTradepoint Market Rules and associated pipeline operating codes.

Operational Working Group

The Operational Working Group is made up of representatives from across the industry. The group provides advice on the emsTradepoint service and relevant rules and regulation changes. 

Group Membership

  • Anna Carrick, Vector Gas Contracts Limited
  • Craig Schubauer, TrustPower Limited
  • Duncan Jared, Genesis Energy Limited
  • Matthew Gardner, Methanex New Zealand Limited
  • Nick McDougall, OMV New Zealand Limited
  • Sharon Wray, Contact Energy Limited

Terms of Reference.